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Account Address Verification

Verify your home or business address

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As a part of banking regulations in the U.S., clients are required to provide verification of their home or business address when prompted.

To make this process easier for you, we've put together a list of the documents that are acceptable for verifying your address below.

Any document, in English, with your full legal name and address submitted on your application, is acceptable.


  • The local bank or other financial statements (credit card, loan, etc)

  • Utility bill

  • Phone bill

  • Pay stub

If you have any questions about whether your document is acceptable, please email

Need to change your submitted address?

Reach out to using the following email template:

Subject: Address Update Request - {COMPANY_NAME}


I would like to update my address.

Address type: (business or home)

New address:

state :
number: house/Street No.
country code :
postal/zip code :
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