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Guidelines for Applying & Getting Approved
Guidelines for Applying & Getting Approved

Maximize your chances for approval at Novel

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We know it's challenging to prepare a robust application for opening an account and that, as business owners, you're incredibly busy and need to prioritize activities that move your business forward over spending lots of time on an application. That's why our team has put together a series of guidelines to help you while you're preparing your application to ensure you get approved fast.

  1. Have a live, working website
    Make sure to include an easy way for customers to contact you and use professional email using your company's custom domain. Don't forget to ensure mobile friendliness. Legitimate, high quality websites get approved much faster than applications without a website.

  2. Write a clear but not too lengthy business description

    Communicating what your business does in a short succinct sentence is important to help our banking team quickly approve your application without going back and forth with you.

  3. Apply with your business email

    Legitimate businesses operate using real email addresses like "" Applying with your business email helps our staff quickly confirm you're a legitimate business.

  4. Review our eligible countries and unsupported businesses list before you apply

    Double check we can even support you without applying. We'd rather not get your hopes if we're limited by our banking partners from even opening an account for you.

  5. Include social media profiles and evidence of activity

    Most businesses have social media profiles and activity. Including those profiles in your application, helps us get you approved faster.

  6. Keep proof of address ready in case it's needed

    Sometimes our banking team will need to see some proof that you can receive mail at the business address listed. Have it ready in case our team asks.

  7. If you have a business with both a U.S. based and non-U.S. based owner, apply with the U.S. based owner as the primary on account

    We can more easily and quickly verify U.S. representatives and get your account approved.

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