There are a few ways to deposit funds into your Novel account.

1. Connect your Stripe/PayPal or other merchant account directly.
2. Deposit via Domestic ACH & Wire
3. Instant Deposits via Debit Card
4. International ACH & Wires
5. Check Deposits (coming soon)

Connect your Stripe/PayPal or other merchant account directly

For Stripe:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> External payouts

  2. Add your Novel bank account if you haven't already or edit an existing one

  3. Enter your business name as the account holder (you can confirm this by looking at the bottom left of your Novel dashboard

  4. Enter your routing and account number from your dashboard

  5. Confirm your account number and that's it!

For PayPal:

  1. Navigate to the PayPal wallet and select Add bank

  2. Enter Novel into the bank field and select “Enter your bank details"

  3. Enter the account and routing number listed in your Novel account

  4. Wait for the deposits to hit your account

  5. Once the deposits hit enter the values into PayPal to confirm

For other merchant accounts, find your merchant's payout settings and add your Novel bank account account and routing number to receive payouts.

Deposit via Domestic ACH & Wire
To deposit funds via Domestic ACH or Wire simply initiate an ACH or Wire into your account using your account and routing numbers. Your routing number supports both ACH & Wire.

Instant Deposits via Debit Card

Some merchant processors like Stripe support instant payouts via your debit card. Stripe will determine your eligibility for these services and more information can be found here:

If the service is available for your account, you can set up instant payouts using a Novel card. Simply create a card within your dashboard and then enter the debit card information into Stripe.

International ACH

Novel supports International ACH (iACH) out of the box. Simply use your account and routing number to receive payouts. TransferWise and other international payment providers support this payout method.

International Wire

Novel supports international wire through a partnership with J.P. Morgan Chase and The Reserve Trust Company. Each Novel account comes with unique international wiring instructions as well as a SWIFT code.

The instructions can be found on your dashboard under your account info in a tab titled "Receiving Instructions."

Check Deposits

Check deposits allow you to take a photo of your check and deposit it within your account. Checks typically take a few days to clear but get faster over time.

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