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How to make a virtual debit card
How to make a virtual debit card

A virtual debit card is a faster and easier to use than a physical card

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The Novel virtual debit card is available to you after your Novel account has been created, and allows you to use your debit card without needing a physical copy.

Below is a short one minute video showing how to make and access your Novel virtual debit card! (Written steps provided below)

Steps To Creating A Virtual Debit Card:

  1. Go to your dashboard In Novel

  2. Select "Cards" on the left hand panel (also from the widget on the homepage)

  3. Select "Add New"

  4. Enter the cardholder name, a name for the card (i.e. Business Expenses), and the account you the card to be associated with.

  5. Press "Continue"

Within a few minutes you will receive a verification email from Novel that your new card is ready!

Once complete, you can access your virtual debit card by selecting "Cards" in your Novel dashboard and clicking on your virtual card. Here you will be able to see the 16 digit debit card number and all information needed to use it.

Additional Debit Card Details

Novel debit cards earn 0.5% cash back on all spending. The cash back is automatically deposited to your account. Novel Plus plan members are able to create as many cards as you want (if you need more than 10, please reach out to our help desk) and can disable cards at any time. To dispute a transaction on your card go to the transactions view on your dashboard.

Deactivating A Card

To deactivate a card, navigate to the Cards page of your dashboard, find the card you wish to deactivate, and switch the active button from on (blue), to off (white).

Deactivating a card will block any attempted charges to the card. You can leave the card locked for as long as you want, and reactivate it at any time.

Cancelling A Card

To cancel a card, go to the Cards page of your dashboard, select the card you wish to cancel, and click the red 'Cancel card' text (this is located in the lower right of the card information view).

Cancelling a card is permanent, meaning you will lose the ability to make any further charges to the card.

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